• How to Identify Alzheimer’s

    How to Identify Alzheimer’s and Dementia in Your Loved One Dementia is a generalized term for a mental decline which is severe enough to interfere with daily life. It impairs mental functions such as memory, thinking, and reasoning. Understanding that your loved one may have a form of dementia can be a difficult and trying… View Article View Article
  • The Best Advice from Today’s Seniors

    The Best Advice from Today’s Seniors Historically, the accumulated wisdom of elders within a tribe or village were the key to survival. The elders were the best source of tried and tested experience. They had been through many situations and were the trusted source of consultation for conventional wisdom and in times of crisis. Seeking… View Article View Article
  • 5 Holiday Activities for The Whole Family

    5 Holiday Activities for The Whole Family Family members come from far and wide to celebrate, eat, gift, and toast – it’s the magic of the holidays. Spending time with your family during the holidays is always time well-spent. Having activities which the whole family, young and old can participate in, is a challenge, so… View Article View Article
  • Top 5 Favorite Cars from the 1950’s

    Top 5 Favorite Cars from the 1950’sIt’s one of the most important moments in life, we remember it like it was yesterday. Starting up our first automobile, revving the engine, grinding the clutch, feeling the wind usher in the excitement of an open road. We polled our Members at The Stratford about hitting the road… View Article View Article
  • Cyber Seniors

    Cyber Seniors   Congrats, Grads! Recently, our Members at The Stratford graduated from the ‘Cyber Seniors’ program with the help of the students at University High School of Indiana and Mrs. Nila Nealy! This program was set in motion in November of 2015 when Member, Richard Conn brought the research to host this program to… View Article View Article