Top 5 Events of 2023

As 2023 ends, it is the perfect time to look back and remember all the fabulous and fun events at The Stratford. Our team always strives to push the boundaries to create unique experiences for our Members. This mentality ensures that each event is better than the last. Our dedicated Social and Wellness Directors create a detailed, packed calendar to provide our Members with too much to do! From sensational Signature Experiences to hoppin’ happy hours to exciting excursions and so much more, this year was one for the record books, making it difficult to narrow down our top events.

Get ready to count down our top five events for this year:

5. Wine Tasting

At number five, we have wine tastings! This year, our Members took delight in our multiple wine tastings led by our fabulous Director of Dining Services, James. During these wine tastings, he would choose a couple of different wines for our Members to taste and discuss. We are pretty sure they are sommeliers by now!

4. Cinco De Mayo

Our community goes all out for the holidays, and Cinco De Mayo is no exception. It was a day full of fun activities and the most delicious buffet! Our fabulous chef, Laura, made all the best authentic and inauthentic Mexican food she could make.

3. 1920’s Signature Experience

Talk about a Signature Experience that was extravagant, grand, and full of intrigue. For the event, our Members made beautiful headdresses, learned how to tap dance, and enjoyed a tasty Sweeteasy, which was a spoof on the traditional speakeasy but with more pastry and sugar. After all of that, they had to solve a murder at our Murder Mystery dinner. It was a real whodunnit!

2. Active Aging Week

Coming in at number two is our Active Aging Week. This week was off the charts, jumping our members through the best workouts of the 1930s, ’50s, ’60s, and ’80s! It was a jam- packed full of wellness fun, from health assessments to Casino nights where all the funds went to Parkinson’s research, to a bopping jazzercize, hoola hop, stretching class, a healthy dinner meal, and so much more.

1. Carnival Signature Experience

And finishing the list at number one is our fabulous Carnival Signature Experience. Our Members began with a Ring Master warm-up and tons of carnival games from fishbowl ping pong to football toss. Then, it was time for our Members to become the entertainment with our Skits and Wits Performance. After all that fun, our Members enjoyed all the carnival classics, from corn on the cob to cotton candy and much more!

And just like that, this year is ending, and we are ready to start another fantastic year full of fabulous events. We can’t wait to see what this year holds and how it will surpass this year’s events!