Top 5 Events of 2021

Chef Pupú

The Stratford’s Social Director, Joe Green has always known how to put on a fantastic show. This year he brought out his alter-ego, Chef Pupú (poo-p-waaa) for a food demonstration! The Chef is Italian, French, German-American with Spanish and Jamaican influence ( a little bit of everything, eh?). He prepared low-fat Chicken Alfredo with Spaghetti Squash noodles for all of our attendees. His funny anecdotes and sarcastic comments were almost as big of a hit as the dish!

Under the Sea

In July 2021, Members of The Stratford took to the high seas for a “Poseidon’s Adventure” Signature Experience! To start this fun experience, a group headed to the lakes to enjoy a leisurely ride on a pontoon boat! The weather was perfect as they took in the fresh air and sunshine during their time on the water. Later in the week Wellness Director, Heather, hosted her “Sweating with the Sharks” workout! Attendees rocked a workout to music by the upbeat tunes of the Beach Boys! That evening, our culinary team prepared a meal “Under The Sea” with a variety of seafood, nautical decor and a visit from Poseidon, himself!


In August, Members had a wild time during Safari Day! Our explorers traveled to the famed Indianapolis Zoo where they spent the day viewing animals, socializing, and the highlight – feeding giraffes! During their visit they learned about all of the unique animals who call the zoo their home. For those who remained in our community, they got in on the safari spirit, as they participated in a scavenger hunt! They were tasked with finding animals who were placed throughout our community and ‘returning them’ back to the wild! To close out the day, our culinary team prepared a wild evening for us, with a Jungle Dinner! The menu featured attendees’ choice of perfectly plated soft-shelled crab, quail eggs, and bison steak. While dessert was striped zebra brownies!

Rustic Renaissance

In September, the community was transported back to The Renaissance during a fun day of events which included a wellness class called ‘Princess Stretches’, Members got crafty with dragon egg crafts and ended the afternoon with a Knight’s Quest! Dinner was a new and unique dining experience which our Members had never participated in – A Madrigal Dinner! It is a unique form of Renaissance Dinner Theater akin to Medieval Times! Our team members performed a plate while attendees dined on a feast that consisted of corn chowder, baked chicken, roasted potatoes, and lemon flan! It was the perfect way to end the day and reclaim the throne for our community!

Casino Night

Viva Las Vegas! During ‘Casino Night’ in October, Members of The Stratford took on the famed City of Neon Lights with a day of fun! To start the day, Wellness Director, Heather, led our wellness attendees through a High Roller Workout! Participants rolled the dice to see which exercises that they had to complete – and hoped that this time they ended up on snake eyes (the number correlated with the number of reps that they had to do of each exercise). In the evening, the main event brought everyone’s competitive side with a classic Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament! It was so much fun to see everyone at the table, playing their poker faces to see if they had what it took to win a prize!