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Whipped Cream Challenge Whipped Cream Challenge
Our team members took on the Whipped Cream Challenge! Like most viral challenges, the Whipped Cream Challenge is actually rather simple!
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Mother’s Day Parade Mother’s Day Parade
Everything we are, our Mom’s helped us to be. Celebrating Mother’s Day was an emotional, beautiful day for our Members at The Stratford! We hosted a parade where over 50 family members and staff dressed up to spread joy throughout our community!
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Costume Therapy Costume Therapy
Laughing is good for the soul! Our costume therapy has been a blast with our Members! These costumes have continued to spread joy throughout the community. Every time one of these special guests knocked on a door, they were greeted with big smiles and gratitude.
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Courtyard Workouts Courtyard Workouts
Five, Six, Seven, Eight! Let’s get this workout started! During the COVID-19 pandemic, our wellness team brought their workout programs to the courtyard! It was a huge success!
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Deborah Thomas – The Stratford’s Supernova Winner 2020 Deborah Thomas – The Stratford’s Supernova Winner 2020
The Supernova is the highest individual honor that our company gives and each year, one individual on the leadership team at The Stratford is voted as the community’s Supernova.
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Be The Change – Joe Green Be The Change – Joe Green
I am the Social Director. My position oversees all activities in the entire building as well as manages our concierge and drivers. I have been here for 11 amazing years. I cannot say enough how much my life has changed since I’ve been here.
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